Youth & Kids


Kids Church

Kids Church operates on Sunday mornings during the second half of the worship service which starts at 9.30am. We meet during school terms, commencing on the first Sunday after School resumes and our last day is on the Sunday prior to the end of the school term. Children of school age [for example, between 5 years and up until high school age, such as 11 or 12] are catered for with activities like bible stories, games and craft.

Enquiries are welcome for older children and while there is no current youth programme, one is planned for the future. If you have any enquiries or questions, contact the church via their e-mail [here].


The Youth

In previous years, Grantham Heights Uniting Church had an active youth program, with meetings held during the regular 9:30 AM Sunday service and frequent nightly meetups at the church for bible studies and discussions. In the last few years, members of the youth slowly dispersed amongst the community and moved on to other churches in the area.

Currently, there are no concrete youth programs, groups or services in place at Grantham, aside from our kids church program for under 12s, but our previous history of a time when many young people were present at Grantham shows potential for regrowth.

We welcome anyone who has youth leadership skills or an inclination to help attract and grow young Christians within this local community. Youth is a particular area in which Grantham Heights longs to grow, so any assistance and guidance in this process will be a tremendous help.


Child Care

Where: Grantham Heights Uniting Church

When: Monday to Friday

Times: 7:30 AM – 6:30 PM

Description: “UnitingCare Grantham Heights Children’s Centre provides a program of experiences based on the children’s individual interests and abilities, in a play-based environment, which is guided by the Early Years Learning Framework and National Quality Standards.

Through play, all children are given the opportunity to explore, pretend, create, discover, express ideas, investigate and develop.

Our commitment to quality education and care enables educators to understand the individual interests and strengths of each child and work in partnership with families throughout your years at the service.

We encourage all families to build strong relationships with the staff, to share their cultural experiences, to participate within the service and share decision making about their children.”

For further information, please visit the Uniting Care Children’s Services Website.