August 28: Contemporary Service @ GHUC – Beyond the Sea

We have begun planning for our next Contemporary Service on Sunday 28th August at 9.30am.

We will be having good music, stories and some surprises to make a special service for the whole family. Please note the date in your diary and plan to invite your family and friends to share with us. We will be inviting the families of the child care centre to join us as well, and morning tea will follow the service.

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Upcoming: The Yurora National Christian Youth Convention (NCYC)

The Yurora National Christian Youth Convention (NCYC) will be held from 8th to 12th January, 2017. Yurora is a 5 day festival that seeks to mobilise young people to experience Jesus, to act in faith, to shake the church and beyond, through bible study workshops, worship and various kinds of workshops that explore faith and culture, health, social justice and more. It is for young people aged 16-25 and will be held at The Tops Conference Centre at Stanwell Tops.

More details can be found at the web-site,

Our congregation is looking to support any of our church family who would like to participate, so if you are interested please see Shin Goo for more information.

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Reflection on Luke 21:25-36

Jesus says that when all these big things happen, the kingdom is near. But the implication is that until this happens things will probably continue on along the kingdom trajectory suggested by the bulk of Jesus’ ministry. We are to continue to witness to Christ and to his kingdom in ways that keep an eye out for the downtrodden, the poor, the marginalized. As we do so, we may well continue to work largely in obscurity, even as Jesus did. Over the long haul, that can get a little discouraging. Jesus knows this, so he warns us not to give ourselves over to dissipation and the like. The kingdom is going to make all the difference in the world. But it may be a while. Meanwhile faithfulness is called for and gospel “success” is defined by all those times we notice the little people, the down-and-outers, the sick and marginalized and proclaim to them Good News.

- Scott Hoezee – Calvin Seminary

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