Godly Play at GHUC: Resources Needed

You will have received a brochure this morning explaining Godly Play, which we have been using for Kid’s Church. Some resources are needed for Godly Play lessons with the children at church. If you have any of these items and would like to donate them it would be greatly appreciated.

  • Small to medium sized baskets made of natural materials e.g. cane
  • Natural craft materials like paperbark, leaves, gum nuts
  • Felt, cardboard rolls (not toilet rolls)
  • A carpet square approx 2×2 metres
  • Flat cushions for sitting on the floor

Please see Julie for more information. Thank you.

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Upcoming: The Yurora National Christian Youth Convention (NCYC)

The Yurora National Christian Youth Convention (NCYC) will be held from 8th to 12th January, 2017. Yurora is a 5 day festival that seeks to mobilise young people to experience Jesus, to act in faith, to shake the church and beyond, through bible study workshops, worship and various kinds of workshops that explore faith and culture, health, social justice and more. It is for young people aged 16-25 and will be held at The Tops Conference Centre at Stanwell Tops.

More details can be found at the web-site, yurora.com.

Our congregation is looking to support any of our church family who would like to participate, so if you are interested please see Shin Goo for more information.

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Generous Grace: A Retreat at Leura Uniting Church

Retreat Leader: John Bleyerveen
Theme: Generous Grace

Date: Saturday July 16
Time: 10:00AM – 3:30PM
Location: Leura Uniting Church, cnr Megalong St and Grose St

The spiritual writer Richard Rohr writes about the universal call in us all to embrace a new spirituality for the second part of life by falling upward into grace.

He says, ”if you have forgiven yourself for being imperfect and falling, you can now do it for just about everyone else. If you have not done it for yourself, I am afraid you will likely pass on your sadness, absurdity, judgment and futility to others. This is the tragic path of the many elderly people who have not become actual elders, probably because they were never eldered or mentored themselves”.

This retreat will invite participants to explore the theme of grace in their own lives. Grace is an always expanding sense of God’s presence as gift in the world. The retreat will have a variety of special moments formed with different inputs and include personal meditation, creative prayer exploration, small group work and whole community conversation. We actively seek people from a broad variety of backgrounds and God always blesses us with the richness of gifts in the people attending.

We hope to be an authentic experience of the communion of the Holy Spirit.

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The Struggles of Cobar Nyngan Pastoral Ministry

Pastoral minister, Rev. Jo Smalbil and her husband go around the Cobar Nyngan district visiting people and offering support and conversation. In this drought stricken area of Australia farmers struggle both financially and emotionally. Unfortunately the support from Frontier Services to this area will cease at the end of the financial year. Rev. Jo said “It is a sad sign of the times that everything these days, including ministry revolves around money or the lack there of.”

To show our concern, a retiring offering will be taken up over the next three Sundays. Over the past 18 months Uniting Church patrol ministries in Australia have dropped from 22 to 9. It is hoped that we can assist in some way so Rev. Jo and her husband can continue their ministry and assist families financially with the support of other Churches such as ours.

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Church Council Meeting

Church Council/Finance and Property Committee will meet 1st Tuesday in February 2016 (02.02.2016) and if anyone would like anything to be included in the agenda for this meeting please see Neva or Norm.

Items for the agenda can include things relating to Finances, Pastoral Care, Church Services, Minister and also anything relating to Property Maintenance etc. Remember we are all part of the church and all are entitled to have their say.

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