Drug Law Reform – Information

At its meeting in April this year the Synod supported two resolutions on drug law reform concerning the personal use of illicit drugs. Uniting is leading a working group with input from the wider church, including the Social Justice Forum, to give effect to Synod’s decision.

The Synod Social Justice Forum has prepared a range of material on the initiative including a two page update for Uniting Church members and congregations, a common questions document that responds to questions about the initiative raised at, and since, the Synod meeting, a theological statement on our response to the personal use of illicit drugs, and a one page summary of the benefits of changing the way we respond to the personal use of illicit drugs.

A copy of each of these documents is available on the stewards table or email Sue in our office and she will send them to you.

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Upcoming: The Yurora National Christian Youth Convention (NCYC)

The Yurora National Christian Youth Convention (NCYC) will be held from 8th to 12th January, 2017. Yurora is a 5 day festival that seeks to mobilise young people to experience Jesus, to act in faith, to shake the church and beyond, through bible study workshops, worship and various kinds of workshops that explore faith and culture, health, social justice and more. It is for young people aged 16-25 and will be held at The Tops Conference Centre at Stanwell Tops.

More details can be found at the web-site, yurora.com.

Our congregation is looking to support any of our church family who would like to participate, so if you are interested please see Shin Goo for more information.

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The Annual Abraham Conference

The Annual Abraham Conference will be held on Sunday 21st August, from 2.30-6.00pm at Parramatta Mission Fellowship Centre, 119 Macquarie St Parramatta.

The topic is ‘Hate Speech and Violence’. The keynote speaker is Rabbi Dr Ben Elton, Chief Minister of the Great Synagogue and there will be a panel of 6 people, two each from Jewish, Christian and Muslim backgrounds, and a Q & A style discussion.

Registration details are on the flyer on the notice board.

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New Additions to the Church Library

We have added the following titles to the church library:

  • Catastrophes – Max Sollitt
  • You matter more than you think – Dr Leslie Parrott
  • Beauty for Ashes – Joyce Meyer
  • The Penny – Joyce Meyer Helping Victims of Sexual Abuse – Lynne Heitritter & Jeanette Vought
  • Emotional Fitness – Cynthia Morton

If you would like to borrow any of these titles please see Claire.

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KCC Conventions 2016

Katoomba Christian Convention is hosting a range of conventions in 2016. They include:

NextGen – youth and children’s ministry training – 11-15 January, 2016

Easter Convention – for all the family – 25-28 March, 2016

KYCK16 – for high schoolers in April, 2016

BaseCamp Men’s Convention – 29-30 July or 6 Aug

One Love Women’s Conference – 27 August.

Details on the noticeboard.

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UAICC: Theology Place of Worship

Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress (UAICC) invite you to a time to converse and engage with one another around our understanding of ‘place’ and relationship with land, at Centre for Ministry North Parramatta on 6-7 November, 2015. More details on the noticeboard.

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