See below to learn all the basic details about Grantham Heights Uniting Church.


Grantham Heights Uniting Church had its genesis in the life of two Methodist Churches, Seven Hills Methodist Church and Toongabbie Methodist Church. On the 14th June 1969 the Grantham Heights Methodist Church was officially opened. It is located on the corner of MacKenzie Boulevard and Nipigon Road in the Grantham Estate, Seven Hills.

When the Methodist, Presbyterian and Congregational Churches joined to form the Uniting Church in Australia in 1977, the Grantham Heights Methodist Church became the Grantham heights Uniting Church. On the 13th June 1982, the church building was destroyed by fire. The church was rebuilt and the current church facilities were opened on the 10th December 1983.


Like all groups of people, the Grantham Heights congregation has gone through significant changes over the years of its existence. Only a few of the original members are still part of the congregation. Some have moved geographically, some older members have passed on, new people have joined. Worship services look different today than they did 30 odd years ago. But in the midst of the change there are 3 things that have stayed the same:

  1. A strong commitment to the people of the local community
  2. A belief that the Christian faith offers meaning and hope in a world that is less than it should be
  3. A striving to be relevant in a changing world

If you are interested in being part of the ongoing history of a community of faith committed to helping a hurting world this may just be the place for you.

Our Minister

Read on for a short biography of our current minister, Shingoo Lee!

“My name is ShinGoo Lee. I’m the minister of Grantham Heights Uniting Church. I was born in South Korea and came to Australia in 2002. I’m married with two sons, Aiden and Jamie. I have a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Theology. I will continue my study in theology and pasotal caring for deeper understanding of God and others.”

“I like listening to music, reading books and playing sports in my own time.I’m also interested in other cultures and enjoy the experience of learning diverse cultures and their history.I appreciate the differences which God has given us and in sharing our lives together in my faith journey.” 

- Shingoo



Mission statement – ‘we are called to be evidence of God’s love, active in our community.’

Presently, Grantham Heights Uniting Church uses the money collected through offering donations from the congregation to support fundraising mission groups such as Living is Giving.

Other areas of mission include outreach activities and allowing different groups to use the church’s facilities. Information about these groups can be found over on our church activities page.


Currently, a number of groups make use of the church’s facilities for their own activities. Some of these groups are Silver ThreadsSeven Hills Sri-Om GroupDay Therapy, Playgroup and the Growth Group. By choice, these groups do not necessarily form a part of the church and some members have their own faiths or church affiliations elsewhere.  The groups associated below are the Uniting Church’s own groups formed for giving outreach to the community.

Living is Giving

Living is Giving is a large-scale fundraising project run by the Synod of New South Wales and the ACT. Through this, the entire Uniting Church is linked with the individual giving of the congregation and their church’s mission. Grantham Heights Uniting Church is an active participant in the Living is Giving program. Mission areas that donations and funds go towards to include…

  1. Speaking up for justice, fairness and peace
  2. Ministry with Australia’s first peoples
  3. Living in a multicultural church
  4. Sharing faith in schools and universities
  5. Lay ministries and discipleship
  6. Equipping Christians for a changing world
  7. Ministry with mental health patients
  8. Ministry with prisoners
  9. Encouraging young people in the Uniting Church
  10. Hospital chaplaincy with patients, staff and families
  11. Advocacy and support for children, young people and families
  12. Growing new congregations and faith communities
  13. Cooperative ventures for community transformation

For more detailed information about Living is Giving, visit their website! [Living is Giving - Website]


Uniting Care

UnitingCare Ageing currently runs two programs from the Grantham Heights Uniting Church in Seven Hills.

On a Thursday a program for people who have physical and/or intellectual disabilities is run.

On a Friday a program for the Indian/Sri Lankan community is run in partnership with Sri Om care (a not for profit Indian Welfare Society).

Both programs run from approximately 10 till 2 and activities include gentle exercise classes, meditation, morning tea and lunch, craft, outings and education sessions with guest speakers.

All attendees have to be HACC eligible and are required to provide information to UnitingCare Ageing to allow the service to determine eligibility and services, and transport can be provided if deemed to be needed.

A fee is charged to attend and for the outings as the funding received to run these programs is minimal, however no one is refused attendance due to an inability to pay.

For further information, UnitingCare’s website! [UnitingCare Australia]


Grantham Heights Uniting Church welcomes any donations to facilitate our growth and the work of Jesus in the local community. If you wish to support us, please forward an e-mail to the church using our contact form [here].


  • Off street parking with disabled spaces
  • A disabled toilet
  • Wheelchair access
  • Renovated kitchen
  • Air conditioning in the church and the hall
  • Overhead fans & heaters in church service area
  • Creche room for infants & nursing mothers
  • Hills Bus 702 [Blacktown to Seven Hills] stop opposite church on MacKenzie Blvd.
  • Specialised seating for the elderly
  • Data projector & computer facilities
  • A hearing loop for hearing aids