Springwood Fair Trade Fair

Springwood UC invite you to their Fair Trade Fair on Saturday 12th November from 9am – 2pm.

There will be an array of stall holders offering a terrific opportunity to purchase gifts and goods for others or yourself which have been sourced directly from communities in developing nations, or follow the principles of Fair Trade in the supply chain.
Apart from Fair Trade products there will be jewellery, bags, fashion, toys, homewares and morning tea, more details on the noticeboard.

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Healthy Church Expo

Date: Next Saturday 5 Nov Time: 9 AM to 4.30 PM Cost: $20 (includes lunch, morning tea and afternoon tea) Venue: Centre for Ministry, 16 Mason’s Drive, North Parramatta

The Healthy Churches Expo is a day designed to assist churches, both small and large, with a broad range of information, tools and resources covering • Worship – multicultural, multimedia • Roles and responsibilities of Church Council • Workshops for Treasurers • Creating a culture of generosity • Running a meeting (consensus-based decision making) • Cyber security • Covenanting • Safe Churches • Property Workshop • Paying Your Minister • Retaining and motivating volunteers • Revitalising community engagement • Church Governance • Sharing your
story with the local media • Low cost websites and social media hints and tips. To register google ‘Healthy Churches Expo’ or visit the UTC website.

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Thoughts on Luke 18: 9-14

Jesus is talking about two different people praying, a Pharisee and a tax collector. What they prayed revealed the basis on which they prayed. The religious leader trusted in his own righteousness, Jesus tells us. The tax collector threw himself on God’s mercy. Do we conduct our lives based on our own vision of how much better our own lives are than others, thus in a way justifying ourselves and condemning everyone else? Or do we conduct our lives on the hope that God is merciful to us, and, so, by extension, to everyone else?

If we do the former, we decide “me and mine” and using our power to protect that are all that counts and dismiss – if not destroy – the rest of the world. If we do the latter, we decide that love and mercy are what really counts, and so, perhaps, extend mercy abundantly in a way that includes and offers healing to the whole world.

Keep on… trusting in God’s mercy.

Rev Dawn Chesser

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