Parramatta Mission Samuel Leigh 200th Anniversary

Rev Samuel Leigh was the first Wesley Missionary to the colony of New South Wales and subsequently the first minister of Parramatta Mission. He arrived in Sydney on August 10, 1815 and went on to secure the land grant where Parramatta Mission now stands. Rev Leigh and his wife Catherine worked tirelessly among the colony at Parramatta and established mission work with indigenous groups and in New Zealand.

Parramatta Mission are celebrating this anniversary with some special events including an Anniversary Service on Sunday 9th August at 9.30am at Leigh Memorial Macquarie St Parramatta. There is also a picnic, High Tea and A Heritage Evening details are on the flyer on the noticeboard.

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Special Edition Insights

The latest Insights special edition titled “Property for a Pilgrim People” is available from the stewards if you don’t already have one. It follows on from the similar publication last year and has some very interesting reading regarding mission and property and the proposed Proceeds of Sale Policy.

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Shaping Cross Cultural Congregations

After the successful part 1 of the workshop, the Christ and Cultures Gathering is preparing for part 2. We will consider the ways in which we ‘use’ the Bible. In the course of this day we will listen to the different ways in which we approach the Bible and let its witness address us. We will explore some biblical themes to do with hospitality and home, being aliens and strangers, guests and hosts. We will hear about how different cultures ‘use’ the Bible.

We will read some texts where we will seek to notice what happens when people are on a journey, seeking safety, identity, belonging. We will take note of biblical traditions which put up walls against the one who comes from another culture. We will also talk about ‘multicultural worship’ and how we might move beyond occasional celebrations. What makes for an authentic cross cultural worship? What resources are available?

The gathering will be at Ramsgate Community Church, 181 Rocky Point Road Ramsgate, from 9.30am – 4.00pm on Saturday 25th July.

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Leura UC Retreat

Loving yourself into being: A Retreat at Leura Uniting Church, cnr Megalong St and Grose St, Saturday 18 July, 10am – 3.30pm

Retreat Leader: John Bleyerveen

How do we love ourselves well? Love is the beginning and end of the spiritual life. Jesus tells us that the love of God and others is all interconnected with the love of self.

This retreat explores how love of self can be one of the creative channels through which God’s grace pours into our life. How do we claim back our own true self without becoming selfish or narcissistic?

The retreat will have a variety of special moments formed with different inputs and include personal meditation, creative prayer exploration, small group work and whole community conversation. We actively seek people from a broad variety of backgrounds and God always blesses us with the richness of gifts in the people attending.

We hope to be an authentic experience of the communion of the Holy Spirit. Tea/coffee, cake and fruit will be provided, but please bring lunch or buy it locally. There is a suggested donation of $20 (for earners). More details on the flyer on the noticeboard.

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